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Welcome to Dzogchen Connect

Under the guidance of H.E. Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche, this new on-line magazine has been established to connect the students, Sanghas, Dharmas and Aspirations and follow Rinpoche’s own teaching.

Dzogchen Connect’s worldwide mission is to enhance communication so that we can more easily support one another. In the pages and months that follow we will work to build stronger ties between Sanghas, and follow Rinpoche’s own teaching.  Each issue we have teachers that Rinpoche has authorized to teach writing about how to practice.

We are calling for representatives in every Sangha to send us a description of what your Sangha is doing in your area, what your Dharma projects are and how to contact you.  Check and see if your Sangha is listed on the “Community” page. If not, please contact us.

Do you have an idea for a new column, questions for a teacher, email us! Next issue we intend to start a blog where folks can write in questions and then authorized teachers will answer.

Would you like to join our staff? We are seeking any of Rinpoche’s students to write, edit or help with Dzogchen Connect. This project is to benefit all beings. Together we can establish World Peace!

Robert R. Lapham
Publisher – Editor

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Join Our Technical Staff

Dzogchen Connect is growing. As we connect with more and more readers the opportunity to be a part of this growing Dharma Experience is also growing.
We are looking for qualified volunteers with technical skills in WordPress, Website Administration and Social Media as well as editors for our ever-changing content.
As the site grows we anticipate a need for international volunteers with foreign language skills as well. You will have a chance to work with other dedicated volunteers from around the world and create a world class web presence under the leadership of our precious Vajra Master. If you would like to be a part of Dzogchen Connect and have technical and administration website skills, please first register with Dzogchen Connect and then send us an email containing your registration email address.

Jeffrey Harker