According to Buddhist teachings, when four practitioners gather together their wisdom equals that of an enlightened being. Sangha is one of the three jewels in which Buddhists take refuge because others’ positive thinking is an indispensable support. Therefore, any opportunity that we have to pool our positive energy and practice as a Sangha are precious, and immensely beneficial.

In many cities where Khenpo has taught his students gather on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis to read from The Buddha Path and discuss the Dharma. We implore you to establish a Dzogchen Sangha in your area if there is not one already. Because it our mission to spread the teachings of Dzogchen and benefit all beings, we would be delighted to support your aspirations to create a Sangha or expand one that is already in place.  We can do this by connecting you with other students in your area, arranging for authorized teachers to visit and by sharing what Sanghas around the world are doing with the hopes that their activities will inspire you.

Below is a list of cities where Rinpoche’s students are known to practice on a regular basis. Some of these groups have graciously written to us and shared their recent activities, as well as aspirations for the future.


San Francisco Bay Area




Las Vegas

New York:

New York City






Salt Lake City


Dzogchen Society of Washington

Port Angeles

Port Townsend

Is your city missing from this lists? Please contact us!

We aspire that this list will continue to grow and we would love to add an update about what your Sangha is doing to benefit of all beings. Part of our mission here at Dzogchen Connect is to bring together practitioners of The Buddha Path from around the world. By sharing your practices, activities, and experiences with the larger community, you have the opportunity to both inspire and learn from others.  Even if you don’t yet have a formal practice established, the aspiration to bring together practitioners and offer teachings is a step in the right direction.

May the vast and profound teachings of Dzogchen expand throughout all universes and liberate all beings without a single exception!