Dzogchen in Hong Kong


The Dzogchen Sangha in Hong Kong has been established for well over a decade.  The Lamas, teachers and students there conduct many activities, which support our Vajra Master and the aspiration of world peace.

Dzogchen Hong Kong provides weekly practices of “The Buddha Path” and Mandala Offering .  They regularly host Gedyak Rinpoche who teaches on Buddha path, and  holds a sacred pujhoa to purify negative energy and broken vows.   Professor Bodhisattva Lau Kin also teaches at the Honk Kong Dzogchen Dharma Center regularly.  Attendance can range from fifteen to fifty people. Various dharma brothers and sisters take turns leading the ritual.

In the spring spring of 2012 The Hong Kong Sangha hosted Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche’ during his tireless tour of Asia.  It was Khenpo Choga’s first visit to Hong Kong in nine years. Geydak Rinpoche, his heart soHong-Kong-Gang-pic-1-300x300n, and many Dzogchen students came to welcome Khenpo Choga Rinpoche’ at the airport.

During his nearly one month tour of Hong Kong Island, Khenpo Choga traveled constantly to wherever he could teach Dharma.  In Jenshajwei and Qwenshin Center, Khenpo taught  “ Four Noble Truths”,“ Present Moment Thinking “, “Ground, Path and Result Buddha” and “ The Twelve Wisdoms”. He offered many public teachings, particularly at the Hong Kong Engineering University and the Hong Kong MPL Center.

Rinpoche’ taught people how to apply The Buddha‘s teaching in daily life and how to transform the challenges one faces in life into lasting wisdom.

Rinpoche’ taught we have a precious human body.  In this body there is one Aware Mind.  This Mind is located in the heart center. The nature of this Aware Mind is “Ground Buddha”.  All Ground Buddhas are living in this Mind.  Our Positive Thinking is “Path Buddha”.

In addition to his teaching in Hong Kong, Khenpo Choga conducted many sacred teachings and sacred ceremonies.  Khenpo Choga Rinpoche also performed “live release” practices in the bay off  Hong Kong.  He went with Geydak Rinpoche and area students to LiveRelease fish and make offerings to Nagas to relieve suffering and bless the Naga Race.   When Nagas are peaceful, they help work toward world peace and abundance.

The Hong Kong Sangha has also constructed a small replica of Padma Sambhava’s Copper Colored Mountain Palace in their Dharma Center. Professor Bodhisattva Lau Kin offered this explanation.  In the past, there were many stories about Mahasiddhas who would tear  their clothes apart and manifest a Mandala from their heart center. This is possible because we all have countless Buddhas living in our heart. Each Sentient being also has the Copper Colored Mountain Palace in their heart center.  The Palace in our Dharma Center is a very humble replica of the true Mandala, which is in each being’s heart center.

The Hong Kong Sangha also provides regular Public Charity service. We work with the Hong Kong offices of District Councilors, to help local disadvantaged people.

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Drawn from writingsHong-Kong-Gang-Pic-2-293x300

~ Professor Bodhisattva Lau Kin, Sunny Chu and Tina Tung